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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Posted by justusbeads on May 15, 2012 at 7:15 PM

Well... it's been forever since I last posted an update.  I need to get more disiplined about doing this so that my loyal readers (all two of you:D) will have something new to read.


I had a good Christmas season and the first cruise ship of the year was well worth the over nine hours on my feet.  We were set up on a slope so my wheeled chair was a bit of a challenge to sit on.  If I grabbed my table as I sat it didn't roll too far.  However, every time I stood up off it would go.  I swear it was channeling it's inner cat.


My studio has become a challenge again as well.  A very generous lady from the church I go to has gifted me with her life's stash of needlework supplies.  Her plan was to spend her retirement doing something she loved, but unfortunately she started to lose her vision and is unable to see well enough to work on the fine linens even with vision aids.  So as well as having all of my jewelry supplies in the studio, I'm making room for drawers of needlework stuff,  the critters crafty stuff (and her bead stash) and still have space to have clients in as well as work.  When I get it all under control I will post a picture.


I've recently opened an Etsy store, now all I have to do is take photos of some of my work and list them.  I hope to start doing that the next sunny day (or else research light boxes).  My biggest challenge will be to decide what to list.  I have my favourites that I hope will never sell so they can become someone elses favourite.

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